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Image - Health Risks of Metalworking Fluid MistsHealth Risks of Metalworking Fluid Mists

Millions of machine operators are exposed to harmful mists generated from machines that use metalworking fluids and oils. Learn the health risks and how you can protect workers from airborne coolants and lubricants.

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Image - High Performance Safety Air GunsHigh Performance Safety Air Guns

VariBlast Compact, VariBlast Precision, Soft Grip, Heavy Duty and Super Blast Safety Air Guns use engineered air nozzles for high performance, entraining large volumes of surrounding air. They offer safe operation, low air consumption, low noise levels. They are available with a wide variety of air nozzles to suit your application.

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Image - Siemens ACM Software Optimizes Your CNC Machines -- Extends Tool Life and Reduces Cycle Time Up to 30%Siemens ACM Software Optimizes Your CNC Machines -- Extends Tool Life and Reduces Cycle Time Up to 30%

Achieve greater productivity and process stability on your CNC machines with Adaptive Control and Monitoring (ACM) software. Cutting conditions vary during machining, from changes in hardness within a workpiece to fluctuations in depth of cut. These result in sub-optimal machining times and even tool breakage. ACM can detect and correct conditions in your milling, turning, grinding and gear hobbing applications by reducing cycle-times by 5-30%, while substantially extending the life of your tools. This real-time approach reduces operational costs and ensures a safer manufacturing process, as well.

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