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"Vern and his team at Nelson Publishing are very attentive and provide a great service through their newsletters: Tooling & Production, Modern Applications News, and Manufacturing Center Product Spotlight. All of the leads generated through these newsletters were very highly qualified and of an overall higher quality than leads we’ve received through other mediums. Everyone claims to have an active mailing list of real, qualified buyers, but Nelson Publishing actually delivers on this promise.

I would recommend their services to anyone looking to increase their sales to the metalworking community." - Deanna Benson,


Place your ad in the monthly Manufacturing Center Product Spotlight, sent via email to 85,000 metalworking professionals... complete with leads you can keep and use to contact immediately through email, phone or direct mail.

Send us your 50 words of text, product photo or logo (133 x 133 pixels, jpg, gif, or png), and up to 3 web links... and we'll do the rest!


Top position $1,995 net • Other positions $1,870 net
(for larger sizes, please contact sales rep)
Blasts 4th Wednesday of every month.


Vern Nelson, Publisher 800-226-6113 x 106
Bob West, Associate Publisher 800-226-6113 x 105

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