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Image - Eliminating Workplace Hazards from Metalworking Fluid MistsEliminating Workplace Hazards from Metalworking Fluid Mists

Airborne mists released during the machining process can pose numerous risks to workers' health and safety. Download this free white paper to learn more about technologies available to mitigate these risks and maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.

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Image - Portable & Central Industrial Vacuum Cleaner -- IN ONE!Portable & Central Industrial Vacuum Cleaner -- IN ONE!

VAC-U-MAX Model 1050 continuous-duty industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for applications requiring high-volume recovery of up to 5 Tons per hour of the heaviest material including steel shot. System features "break-away" concept with the flexibility of a portable vacuum and powerful as a central system with multiple pick-up points for distances up to 200 feet away. Ideal for high-density materials including steel shot, grit, and other metal debris.

For RFQ visit www.vac-u-max.com.

Image - High Performance Safety Air GunsHigh Performance Safety Air Guns

VariBlast Compact, Precision, Soft Grip, Heavy Duty and Super Blast Safety Air Guns use engineered air nozzles for high performance, entraining large volumes of surrounding air. They offer safe operation, low air consumption and low noise levels. Safety Air Guns are available with a wide variety of air nozzles to suit your individual application.

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Image - Heavy Payload Cobot Deburrs 2000 Lbs of Metal Parts Each DayHeavy Payload Cobot Deburrs 2000 Lbs of Metal Parts Each Day

When Universal Robots released the new 16kg (35lbs) payload cobot, the UR16e, machine shop BWIndustrie was one of the very first customers to deploy it. The UR16e is handling a deburring application, picking up heavy casting parts and moving them through the deburring tool. The new cobot has greatly reduced repetitive strain injuries and optimized production. Watch how.

Want to learn more about the UR16e cobot? Download our new ebook here.

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Image - Equipment, Technology, and Solutions Await You at IMTS 2020Equipment, Technology, and Solutions Await You at IMTS 2020

Industry professionals from all over the world visit the International Manufacturing Technology Show to experience more than 15,000 new machine tools, controls, computers, software, components, systems and processes that will solve their manufacturing challenges and improve their efficiency. September 14 - 19, 2020, McCormick Place, Chicago.

Plan your IMTS experience now.

Image - REVO« -- the 5-Axis RevolutionREVO« -- the 5-Axis Revolution

Infinite positioning and synchronized 5-axis motion provide measurement access at unprecedented speed and accuracy. Renishaw\\\'s newest solution the RFP fringe probe, expands our family of multi-sensors further. It adds non-contact structured light inspection to our revolutionary 5-axis measuring system that already includes tactile scanning, touch-trigger, surface finish and vision probe solutions.

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Image - Air-Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Separates Metal Chips from Coolant -- Recycling & Extending Coolant LifeAir-Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Separates Metal Chips from Coolant -- Recycling & Extending Coolant Life

VAC-U-MAX 55MW air-operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner separates coolant from metal chips/debris at 1-2 gallons per second (60-120 GPM). Operators quickly empty machine tool sumps, machining beds, oil/water separators, parts washers, and rinse tanks by vacuuming both coolant and chips directly into the collection container where solid particles are separated from collected liquid with a VAC-U-MAX Chip Basket and Liner.

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Image - New Website of Ovens & FurnacesNew Website of Ovens & Furnaces

Over 400 standard ovens and furnaces, with temperatures to 2400║F, are described on this new website from Grieve. Custom-designed heat processing systems, too. Grieve offers laboratory, bench, cabinet, truck, walk-in and conveyor ovens; cleanroom and pharmaceutical ovens; laboratory and industrial furnaces; environmental test chambers and more.

THE GRIEVE CORPORATION | www.grievecorp.com | 847-546-8225

sales@grievecorp.com Attention: Frank Calabrese

Image - Industrial Heavy Duty HEPA VacIndustrial Heavy Duty HEPA Vac

EXAIR's compressed air operated Heavy Duty HEPA Vac has been engineered to move material with less wear. It attaches to an ordinary 30, 55 or 110 gallon open top drum to turn it into a powerful, HEPA quality, industrial vacuum cleaner.

Learn more about all of our Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

Image - Laser Engraving Systems & SolutionsLaser Engraving Systems & Solutions

Are you looking for an efficient, cost-effective marking solution for a unique application? FiberCube Laser Engraving Systems make permanent, durable markings & deep engravings with precision and speed. Available in multiple platforms & power levels (10-100 Watt), FiberCube Systems are excellent for both short or long run production cycles. Designed & Built in America.

LaserStar Technologies

Image - Remove Coolant, Sludge and Chips from your SumpRemove Coolant, Sludge and Chips from your Sump

Eriez Sump Cleaners range from inexpensive drum top cleaners to heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuum filtration units to clean virtually any machine tool sump, tank, or pit quickly and thoroughly. Models include Electric, Air and LP Gas, and range from 50G to 1,000G units.

Eriez.com/FluidRecycling | 814-835-6000

Image - Understanding Compressed Air Safety & SavingsUnderstanding Compressed Air Safety & Savings

Learn about the dangers that can come from high pressure and noise exposure. Improper use of compressed air commonly exceeds OSHA's noise exposure standards and causes noise induced hearing loss. Download EXAIR's white paper, "Understanding Compressed Air Safety and Savings" to help you address compressed air safety in your manufacturing facility.

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