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Image - Tool Grinding Made EasierTool Grinding Made Easier

ANCA's TX Linear range is the new industry benchmark for production grinding and machining of cutting tools and components. With its large working envelope and powerful grinding spindle, TX Linear will deliver precision and productivity across the widest range of applications. Now, ANCA's new LinX cylindrical linear motors, automation and range of machine accessories equip you for tomorrow's most stringent grinding applications.

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Image - Eliminating Workplace Hazards from Metalworking Fluid MistsEliminating Workplace Hazards from Metalworking Fluid Mists

Airborne mists released during the machining process can pose numerous risks to workers' health and safety. Download this free white paper to learn more about technologies available to mitigate these risks and maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.

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Image - Portable & Central Industrial Vacuum Cleaner -- IN ONE!Portable & Central Industrial Vacuum Cleaner -- IN ONE!

VAC-U-MAX Model 1050 continuous-duty industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for applications requiring high-volume recovery of up to 5 Tons per hour of the heaviest material including steel shot. System features "break-away" concept with the flexibility of a portable vacuum and powerful as a central system with multiple pick-up points for distances up to 200 feet away. Ideal for high-density materials including steel shot, grit, and other metal debris.

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Image - Engineered Super Air NozzlesEngineered Super Air Nozzles

EXAIR's Air Nozzles reduce noise levels and air costs. Upgrade your blowoff, cooling, and drying operation to our engineered Super Air Nozzles. They provide incredibly strong blowing force, using only a small amount of compressed air. Force available from 2 oz to 23 lbs! Ideal for cleaning, cooling, drying, part ejection and more.

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Image - Video -- Remove Free and Emulsified Tramp OilsVideo -- Remove Free and Emulsified Tramp Oils

Eriez Portable Tramp Oil Separator\'s high-speed, manually cleaned, disc bowl centrifuge, removes both free and emulsified tramp oils to 0.5% or less and particulates to 5 microns nominal in one pass on any stable coolant. This compact portable unit extracts fluid from individual machine sumps or larger central systems. Flow rates of 1-4 gpm.

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