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Image - Selecting the Best Dust Collector for Metal FabricationSelecting the Best Dust Collector for Metal Fabrication

Metal centers and plants that generate combustible metal dusts are at risk for an explosion. Whether you have a dust collection system in place or plan to install a new one, how do you know if your equipment supplier has the experience and know-how to give the best advice?

This free eBook provides 7 questions to ask.

Image - Vacuum & Separate Metal Chip & Shavings -- Recycle CoolantVacuum & Separate Metal Chip & Shavings -- Recycle Coolant

The VAC-U-MAX 55MW is designed to clean 100% liquids, or liquids with solid particles such as metal chips or shavings -- up to 1-2 gallons per second (60-120 GPM). Operators can quickly empty machine tool sumps, machining beds, oil/water separators, parts washers, rinse tanks, and efficiently clean-up liquid spills. Solid particles are separated from collected liquid with a VAC-U-MAX Chip Basket and Liner.

For more information or RFQ visit or call (800)-VAC-U-MAX.

Image - Super Air NozzlesSuper Air Nozzles

EXAIR's engineered Air Nozzles reduce noise levels and air costs. "Go Green" by upgrading your blowoff, cooling, and drying operation to our award winning Super Air Nozzles. They provide incredibly strong blowing force, using only a small amount of compressed air. Ideal for part ejection.

Website offers detailed information.

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