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Image - Vibration-Free, Quiet Mist Collectors Eliminate Mist at the SourceVibration-Free, Quiet Mist Collectors Eliminate Mist at the Source

Powerful three stage Mist Collectors provide 99.9% efficiency at 2 micron (0.3 micron with optional fourth stage post filter). Specially designed high speed turbine impeller is dynamically balanced, second and third stage filter system does not rotate assuring vibration-free operation. Very quiet operation and long filter life. Improve air quality, recover coolant for recycling and reduce operating costs.

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Image - Oil Skimmers, Inc.'s Tube Oil Skimmer Enables Fast & Effective Oil RemovalOil Skimmers, Inc.'s Tube Oil Skimmer Enables Fast & Effective Oil Removal

The Model 6V Oil Skimmer removes waste oil from the surface of water, coolants, and other industrial liquids. This tube oil skimmer can run 24/7, and the specially formulated tubing snakes around debris and adjusts to changing liquid levels.

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Image - Ovens and FurnacesOvens and Furnaces

Over 400 standard ovens and furnaces, with temperatures to 2700°F, are described in this catalog from Grieve. Custom-designed heat processing systems, too. Grieve offers laboratory, bench, cabinet, truck, walk-in and conveyor ovens; cleanroom and pharmaceutical ovens; laboratory and industrial furnaces; environmental test chambers and more.

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