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Image - The Future of CNCThe Future of CNC

SINUMERIK from Siemens offers advanced technology, plus the benefits of an easy-to-use CNC interface. Every Siemens control features SINUMERIK Operate interface, providing machine-to-machine familiarity and faster setups, plus simplified networking and file sharing save time and money. Our CNC platform includes:

  • SINUMERIK 840D sl for multi-axis machining
  • SINUMERIK 828D family for milling and turning applications
  • SINUMERIK 808D to upgrade existing knee mill machines

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Image - AeroKroil Loosens Frozen Metal PartsAeroKroil Loosens Frozen Metal Parts

Based on scientific discoveries at Kano Laboratories, Kroil creeps into millionth inch spaces, dissolves rust, and lubricates to loosen frozen metal parts. Now available in a new king size, Kroil has been used by 480 of the Fortune 500 companies since 1939 and is guaranteed to meet your expectations, whatever they may be.

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Image - Remove Oil, Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively...Remove Oil, Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively...

Imagine tackling your greatest production challenge quickly, easily and inexpensively -- and even generating a profit.

In this FREE White Paper, "The Challenges of Removing Surface (Free-Floating) Oil", learn about the reasons to skim oil, the methods of skimming oil, and how our 45 years of oil skimming experience with thousands of applications, can help turn your problems into profits. Download this white paper.

Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Image - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for the Metalworking IndustryIndustrial Vacuum Cleaner for the Metalworking Industry

The 55MW is designed for liquids and liquids with metal chips or shavings. Operators can empty machine tool sumps, machining beds, oil/water separators, parts washers, rinse tanks. Particles are separated from collected liquid with the Chip Basket and Liner. The 55MW will clean up at rates of 1-2 gallons per second. The 55MW Industrial Vacuum Cleaner will pump out the liquid contents of the drum through the discharge hose to a central filtration system for coolant/oils or approved floor drain.

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Image - Quiet, hard-hitting curtain of air for blowoff, cleaning, drying, cooling!Quiet, hard-hitting curtain of air for blowoff, cleaning, drying, cooling!

EXAIR's Super Air Knife™ dramatically reduces compressed air usage and noise when compared to other blowoffs. The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors, delivering a uniform sheet of laminar airflow.

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