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Image - Complex Laser Engraving & Surface TexturingComplex Laser Engraving & Surface Texturing

FiberCube Laser Engraving Systems are a great tool for custom engraving, branding, serializing and/or personalizing a wide range of items. Combined with our proprietary STAR-FX® Laser Engraving Software, you can create a level of complex layer engraving and surface texturing never before available including color engravings. An excellent solution for both short and long run production cycles. Designed & built in USA.

LaserStar Technologies Corporation

Image - The New Renishaw Equator™ 500 System Now Enables Gauging for Larger PartsThe New Renishaw Equator™ 500 System Now Enables Gauging for Larger Parts

The new larger Equator™ 500 system now enables the gauging of larger parts, with a working volume of 500 mm in diameter and up to 400 mm in height. The new Equator™ 500 provides a larger measuring volume, accuracy with rapid temperature changes, and automatic update of tool offsets directly from Equator™ 300 and 500 systems.

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Image - Networked Production for CNC Machine ToolsNetworked Production for CNC Machine Tools

Digitalization leads to shortened time-to-market and increased efficiency. Siemens uses the close interaction of software and hardware to support both machine manufacturers and machine tool operators on their way to becoming a Digital Enterprise!

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Image - eBook: Avoiding Combustible Metal Dust ExplosionseBook: Avoiding Combustible Metal Dust Explosions

If your operation generates combustible metal dusts, you are at risk for an explosion. Whether you have a dust collection system in place or plan to install a new one, how do you know if your equipment supplier has the experience and know-how to give the best advice? This eBook provides 7 questions that will help, covering NFPA compliance, filtration efficiency, dust testing and more.

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Image - VAC-U-MAX 55MW Industrial Sump Vacuum Cleaner Recovers 1 to 2 Gallons of Liquid per SecondVAC-U-MAX 55MW Industrial Sump Vacuum Cleaner Recovers 1 to 2 Gallons of Liquid per Second

Unit allows operators to quickly clean up liquid spills, empty machine tool sumps, machining beds, oil/water separators, parts washers, and rinse tanks. System includes chip basket and liner that separates solid particles from collected liquid. Filtered liquid content is pumped from drum through discharge hose at up to 53 liters (14 gallons) per minute. Unlike other sump suckers, the VAC-U-MAX 55MW also works easily with 100% dry chips, providing more versatility in machine shops.

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Image - Super Air NozzlesSuper Air Nozzles

EXAIR's engineered Air Nozzles reduce noise levels and air costs. "Go Green" by upgrading your blowoff, cooling, and drying operation to our award winning Super Air Nozzles. They provide incredibly strong blowing force, using only a small amount of compressed air. Ideal for part ejection.

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Image - New Website of Ovens & FurnacesNew Website of Ovens & Furnaces

Over 400 standard ovens and furnaces, with temperatures to 2400°F, are described on this new website from Grieve. Custom-designed heat processing systems, too. Grieve offers laboratory, bench, cabinet, truck, walk-in and conveyor ovens; cleanroom and pharmaceutical ovens; laboratory and industrial furnaces; environmental test chambers and more.

THE GRIEVE CORPORATION | | 847-546-8225 Attention: Frank Calabrese

Image - Experience IMTS 2018 -- Register Today!Experience IMTS 2018 -- Register Today!

IMTS is the premier manufacturing technology show in North America held every even-numbered year in Chicago. Industry professionals see the innovative technology, systems and processes that can improve their efficiency. They gain valuable ideas and insights from over 2,400 exhibitors from the metalworking industry.

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