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Image - Laser Welding Hermetic SealsLaser Welding Hermetic Seals

Laser welding is ideal for creating leak-tight hermetic seals to protect parts from dust, dirt & microbial growth in industrial applications. LaserStar offers a wide variety of laser welding platforms to accomplish the highest quality results. Designed & built in America.

LaserStar Technologies

Image - Ultra-Fast Probing for Workpiece Set-Up, Surface Condition and Form MonitoringUltra-Fast Probing for Workpiece Set-Up, Surface Condition and Form Monitoring

SupaScan is an easy-to-use machine tool probing system capable of workpiece scanning and exceptionally fast point measurement. Driven by SPRINT™ technology, SupaScan is the fastest on-machine probing solution for workpiece set-up. Surface condition and form can also be monitored -- greatly enhancing your on-machine inspection capability.

Renishaw SupaScan | SPRINT™ Technology

Image - Networked Production for CNC Machine ToolsNetworked Production for CNC Machine Tools

Digitalization leads to shortened time-to-market and increased efficiency. Siemens uses the close interaction of software and hardware to support both machine manufacturers and machine tool operators on their way to becoming a Digital Enterprise!

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Image - VAC-U-MAX 55MW Industrial Sump Vacuum Cleaner Recovers 1 to 2 Gallons of Liquid per SecondVAC-U-MAX 55MW Industrial Sump Vacuum Cleaner Recovers 1 to 2 Gallons of Liquid per Second

Unit allows operators to quickly clean up liquid spills, empty machine tool sumps, machining beds, oil/water separators, parts washers, and rinse tanks. System includes chip basket and liner that separates solid particles from collected liquid. Filtered liquid content is pumped from drum through discharge hose at up to 53 liters (14 gallons) per minute. Unlike other sump suckers, the VAC-U-MAX 55MW also works easily with 100% dry chips, providing more versatility in machine shops.

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Image - Low Cost Conveying Through Hose Or PipeLow Cost Conveying Through Hose Or Pipe

Line Vac air powered conveyors convert ordinary hose or pipe into a complete conveying system for bulk materials, plastic granules, scrap, trim, and other complex shapes. Line Vacs are available in many sizes and materials.

Website offers detailed information, downloadable drawings, video.

Image - Eriez SumpDoc™ Portable Coolant Filtration SystemEriez SumpDoc™ Portable Coolant Filtration System

Provides "inline" fluid filtration faster, easier & cheaper than how you maintain your cutting fluids today. The SumpDoc's two-phase cleaning vacuums out heavy solids, and then the filtration cycle seamlessly filters small particulates and emulsified oils from the machine's coolant. All in the background while your machines continue to produce parts.

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Image - CIM-TECH Automated CAD/CAM SolutionsCIM-TECH Automated CAD/CAM Solutions

Here at CIM-TECH we know what it takes to get the job done. We've been developing superior software products for over 30 years! We bridge the gap between CAD and CAM by providing a seamless solution with a common interface for design and manufacturing. Any way you cut it, we save you time!

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